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Christmas Decor Three Men on a Hike
Airline Announcements Quiz for People Who Know Everything
God's Wife How To Fix The Economy
Social Security Sex Story of a Challenged senior
Life Explained The Bible as told by a child
Costume Issue I'm Broke
Bed Sheets Good Beer
Tomatoes Butch The Rooster
Best Come Back Line Observations on Growing Older
Andy Rooney 9 Months Later
The Last Argument Computer Trouble
Hollywood Squares 2 Blond Finally Wins
E-mail of the Year Mayo Jar and 2 Beers
Computer in Spanish Daddy's Car
5 Year Olds First Job Cash for Clunkers
Gotta Love those Rednecks Sex and Sunshine
The Perfect Husband No Sex Since 1955
I didn't know this Golf with Stevie Wonder
Chilli Contest The Loving Husband
An Italian Christmas Arsenic
How the Fight Started 1 How the Fight Started 2
The Tooth Blind Pilots
Fast Sex Old Memories
The Lie Detector Ramblings of a Retired Mind
Under God (Thanks S.C.) Snow In Colorado (Thanks M.G.)
Book Report (Thanks M.T.) Las Vegas Churches (Thanks M.T.)
Flying Crash (For M.B.) Older Crowd Jokes (Thanks M.T.)
Expensive Gas (Thanks K.H.) The LARK program
Blonde Logic (Thanks A.B.) Principal Jody McLeod
New Corvette King Arthur (Thanks M.T.)
Genuine Names Mayonnaise Jar & 2 Cups of Coffee
Hymn Humor (Thanks T.K.) Rights (Thanks M.G.)
Political Correctness 42 Things In The Life Of An Italian Child
Rearrange the Letters When you are Bored (Thanks T.F.)
Dallas ATC (Thanks M.T.) Pecans in the Cemetery (Thanks M.T.)
Southernness (Thanks M.T.) Men Are Just Happier People (Thanks M.G.)
English-isms Who's On First? New Version (Thanks Thor)
Bible Knowledge 30 Lines To Make You Smile
Who's Your Daddy? Old Priest Advice (Thanks M.G.)
AAADD (Thanks M.G.) Computer Women
Talking Frog (Thanks E.P.) One of Those Days (Thanks M.G.)
Three Bulls (Thanks M.T.) Short Ones About Marriage (Thanks M.T.)
Mid-Life   A Blonde and a Lawyer (Thanks M.T.)
Signs 3  (Thanks P.L.) 13 Reasons to Smile (Thanks M.T.)
Spaghetti (Thanks M.G.) Creepy Quiz (Thanks M.G.)
Husband Store (Thanks B.P.) Why We Love Children (Thanks M.G.)
Speed Trap (Thanks M.T.) Wrong Email Address (Thanks S.C.)
Think (Thanks K.H.) North Carolina Cop (Thanks E.P.)
The Year 1906 (Thanks M.T.) Three Wishes (Thanks M.G.)
Carlin on Katrina (Thanks M.T.) Just a Weeeee.. (Thanks M.G.)
Funeral Arrangements New Priest (Thanks S.C.)
A Billion (Thanks S.C.) Understanding Politics (Thanks S.C.)
Church Bulletins Redneck Church (Thanks E.P.)
Embarrassment Dear Dad (Thanks D.J.)
Job Application Spelling Mistakes
Russian Condoms Smart Blonde
How Blonde Was She? Daddy's Daughter
Banister of Life Comuterholic's Dear John Letter
Attorney's Advice (serious) Male Refund
Perfect Super Bowl Seat Redneck Letter - Mom to Son
Blonde Puzzle (Thanks E.P.) Homeland Security (Thanks E.P.)
The Squeeze (Thanks D.J.) Another Dumbest Blonde Joke (Thanks M.G.)
The New Truck (Thanks D.J.) Jesus Is Watching You (Thanks D.J.)
They Walk Among US I'm my own grandpa - words to video
You're Not A Monk Abbott & Costello - Computers
Harvard Reading Test Andy Rooney - American
Pastor's Business Card Perfect Divorce
Blonde's Year in Review Baby Names Based on Profession
Barbie Just Like Real Life Questions from George Carlin
16 Things Phone Number Math
Chocolate Math Food For Thought
Brain Cramps Upper Management Training
Five Corporate Lessons Things to do at Wal-Mart
Missed Two Traveling Angels
Great Tragedy Pillsbury Doughboy
Twenty Bucks Another Blonde Joke
Puns How to say 'I Love You'
Girlfriend Software Roommate
No Need To Hurry True Meaning of a Friend
Old Captain Quiz 2
Everything has Gender If Only... an elevator story.
Mirror Trick The Speech
The Princess Chores
And God Created Broccoli Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Which One? Dark in here
A Guy and his Horse Kissed the Frog
Bad Day Relief Mars Info
Dear Tech Support Quantas Airlines - After Every Flight
Test Your Knowledge Two Tough Questions
Carlos at Immigration Guys Night Out
Searching Kentucky Jokes


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